Mexican Shoppers - Hand Woven on a Back Strap Loom

We have recently had a delivery of new colourways in our Mexican Shoppers.  Elegant black and cream, Green and Navy with rainbow stripes join the riot of colours from our last orders.  I gave one to my Mum for Mother's Day and I had really good feed back. She is picky, she likes something to be well made and I always know about it if she feels that we have made a mistake in our buying at Montes & Clark.  She is however always right.  These string bags, as we call them are definitely one of those products that once you see it in the flesh you can see the enormous amount of care gone into making it. The hand woven cotton is also much thicker and sturdier than you might think by looking at the website.  The main fabric of the bag has been woven on a back strap loom, an ancient form of weaving where a hand made loom as wide as your body width is attached to a strap that is placed around your back. The other end is then tied to a tree or post and the weight of the weaver's body is used to create the tension.  The edges of the bag are then hand stitched together and the warp threads of the weaving twisted to form endless streams of cords, coming together at the top of the handle and bound, again by hand to create a tactile wodge of thread.