Mermaids in a Lake - Multicoloured Otomi Wall Hanging


SIZE | 180cm wide x 174cm height

Hand embroidered in cotton on a cream cotton background.  The front of this wall hanging has been hand embroidered by a woman's cooperative in Mexico.  A Magnificent Wall hanging depicting a lake with 2 mermaids, garlanded with the most beautifully stitched sweeping branches of leaves. Rich in detail and possessing a wealth of imagery, this fantastic wall hanging is a stunning piece of folk artwork. For more details see Our Makers Page. 

The wall hanging has been made in our workshop in Wiltshire, it is backed with a ticking cotton and has a weighted bottom edge and a Velcro strip at the top.  A batten will need to be attached to the wall.  This stunning hanging comes with Instructions and everything that you need for hanging it.