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Narrative Applique Wall Hanging - Dark Cream

Narrative Applique Wall Hanging - Dark Cream

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SIZE | 152cm x 101cm

The artisans of Kutch first experimented with this more personal narrative form of embroidery for two exhibitions following the Indian earthquake of 2001. The pieces are not seen as a substitute for traditional art, but an addition to it, valued in a very different way, the work holding a place of pride in the hearts and minds of the artists.  Exploring the narrative genre and using applique, embroidery and quilting, these unique soft wall hangings journey from the decorative to the expressive with the intention of visually describing their rich culture and village life.  Made in Kutch by artists expert in the art of traditional Indian Textiles, many have been named using fine chain stitch.  To read more about the makers please visit our Makers Page.

Each hanging is fitted with a slot on the back that holds a wooden pole for hanging.  Everything needed to hang this piece on the wall is provided.

The appliques have often been worked over some time and often there are stains or marks on the textiles.  Within the gallery we have done our best to highlight any larger areas if we feel it is necessary.

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