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Handblown small Glass Tumbler, Damascus Rose

Handblown small Glass Tumbler, Damascus Rose

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Hand blown glass tumbler, made in  2 glass blowing workshops in Damascus, Syria.  The work of these workshops is of course greatly affected by the present situation in Syria over the last few years, and of course more recently since the devastating earthquakes.  The way of production has to deal with a small number of artisan blowers, and the high cost of fuel to run the kilns.  But these craftsmen continue to work according to ancestral techniques, recycling small chips of coloured glass in order to ensure themselves an income and to pass on traditional skills.

As each glass is blown without the use of a mould, all are unique and colours and shape are different from glass to glass.

The glass measures approximately 8cm in height and varies in top diameter from 6.5cm to 7.5cm from glass to glass.

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