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Handmade Christmas Tin Garland - 3D Gold/Silver Stars

Handmade Christmas Tin Garland - 3D Gold/Silver Stars

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This wonderful garland can be hung just about anywhere and it would look great.  Use it  to decorate a fireplace, hang over a table or down the side of a door frame.  Hand Painted on BOTH SIDES.

Handmade Tin Decorations made in Oaxaca, Mexico by husband and wife team, Christino and Aida.  Everyone in the family is involved, sons, daughters, cousins.  We love the work this family produces.  An age old craft known known as Hojalata, which dates back to the 16th Century. Tin art is produced when pieces of tin are cut, shaped, and embossed with a pattern and then sometimes painted.

Measurements - Length 185cm, Width of Stars 8cm, (13 Stars on each string).  

Hand painted on BOTH SIDES.

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