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Multicoloured Otomi Wall Hanging - The Costumes of Life

Multicoloured Otomi Wall Hanging - The Costumes of Life

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SIZE | 181cm wide x 171cm height

A truly charming design that shows many scenes of people in their daily lives in Tenangos, Mexico.  An Altar sits centrally with offerings placed lovingly to decorate.  A school is placed above, a destination for two eager pupils, books in hand.  At the bottom right, lovers are serenaded by two guitar players and on the opposite side a game of netball is taking place.  Many, many scenes have been depicted in joyous colours and fantastic stitching - a piece to contemplate for hours.   

This original piece of artwork demonstrates a depth of quality and expertise in hand embroidery.  The cooperative community of Otomi embroiderers in Mexico are an inspiration and set the standard for the highest quality of traditional folk art. This piece has taken many months to hand embroider, worked in cotton on a cream cotton background using two main stiches, closed herringbone and stem stitch.  These types of pieces can take up to 3 months to work. 

This fantastic wall hanging is a stunning piece of folk artwork and will be admired for generations to come. For more details see Our Makers Page. 

The embroidery has been made up into a wall hanging  in our workshop in Wiltshire, it is backed with a ticking cotton and has a weighted bottom edge (a slot with a wooden batten inserted into) and a Velcro strip at the top.  A batten will need to be attached to the wall for the Velcro to be stuck to.  This wonderful hanging comes with Instructions and everything that you need for hanging it.

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