Handmade Tin Silver Pinata Decoration

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Handmade Tin Decorations made in Oaxaca, Mexico by husband and wife team, Christino and Aida.  Everyone in the family is involved, sons, daughters, cousins.  We love the work this family produces.  An age old craft known known as Hojalata, which dates back to the 16th Century. Tin art is produced when pieces of tin are cut, shaped, and embossed with a pattern and then sometimes painted.

This wonderful Tin Pinata is a traditional Christmas decoration in Mexico, we think it is super cool and super fun.  Hang purely for decoration or fill with sweets or treats to surprise your children or guests.  This Pinata will not be smashed unless you are seriously strong, decoration only.  It measures approximate 7cm H x 10cm W x 4cm D

Each product is handmade so it may differ from the image.