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Montes & Clark

Smiley Goat Planter, Small

Smiley Goat Planter, Small

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An example of the highly original and heartwarming craftsmanship found in the oasis village of Tunis in Fayoum, this visually striking goat planter is the perfect addition to your ceramic collection. Use it with flowers or plants and add some warmth to your home.

Plant small bulbs and plants in soil and preferably cover with a little moss.  Mist your plants regularly.

11cm inside diameter.

Planter: Clay, Fire clay from Aswan - upper Egypt
Surface material: Lead-free glaze
Colours of earthen oxides.

This Fayoum Pottery is entirely handcrafted, so please allow for slight imperfections, little colour differences, and minor sizing differentiation. We believe these differences encapsulate the beauty and charm of handmade items. 

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