Tote Bags of JOY

We have always used up our off-cuts, never throwing any of our hand embroidered or hand woven cloth away.  How could we ... some of the cloth take up to three months to hand embroider and weeks to weave;  it would feel an injustice to the craftsmanship of the Mexican Cooperatives if we did.  There is always a use for even the smallest of scraps, a cushion backing, a lavender bag or even binding a small note book.

Over the past few months we thought that we would do something a little different, and are very happy to show off our tiny, yet perfectly formed collection of five Oversize Tote Bags.  And we are so glad that we gave it a go, they are real show stoppers.

Made in a small Patchwork and Quilting workshop,  our talented 'Wiltshire Maker' has lovingly pieced together these unique bags for us, and we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU.....WE LOVE THEM.