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Craftsmanship & Colour

A Considered Collection of Hand Crafted Pieces

Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Coconut Head - Sun

British Wildlife Papercut Bunting - Large, White

Paloma Side Plate - Black/Yellow Left

Yellow/Natural Large Mexican Grass Placemat

Paloma Side Plate - Black/Yellow Right

Italian Splatter ware Mug - Yellow & White

Ceramic Medium Column Lamp- Bright Yellow

Italian Splatter ware Cereal Bowl - Yellow & White

Pale Yellow Cheese Knife

Italian Splatter ware Milk Jug - Yellow & Wnite

A Pair of Mat Cylindrical Candles - Yellow

Italian Splatter ware Side Plate - Yellow & White

Handblown Yellow Speckled Glass Carafe

Italian Splatter ware Round Butter Dish - Yellow & White

Italian Splatter ware Egg Cup - Yellow & White

Handmade French Ceramic Bowl - Large, Yellow

Italian Splatter ware Shallow Bowl - Yellow & White

Italian Splatter ware Large Salad Bowl - Yellow & White

Yellow Hand Woven Marla Napkin/Placemat with Fringing

Italian Splatter ware Small Pasta Bowl - Yellow & White

Almond Shell Recycled Glass Tumbler

Hand Woven Cushion - Blue, Pink and Grey

Handmade Gratin Dish 6 People - Green

Earthenware Serving Plate

Blue Hand Woven Marla Napkin/Placemat with Fringing

Aqua Recycled Glass Tumbler

Natural Medium Wooden Lamp

Kala Rama - Hand Painted Empire Lampshade - 25cm diameter

Handmade French Ceramic Jug - Green

Gelato - Cross Hatch Dinner Plate -Turquoise/Pink Dot

Ceramic Tall Slim Gourd Lamp - Turquoise

Custard Stripe, Block Printed SET OF 8 NAPKINS

Italian Ceramic Face Dinner Plate - Cream

Handmade Tart Plate with Handles- Yellow

Italian Splatter ware Large Straight Sided Bowl - Green & Terracotta

Green Stripe, Block Printed SET OF 8 NAPKINS

Multicoloured Otomi Wall Hanging

Multicoloured Otomi Hand Embroidered Cushion

Multicoloured Otomi Hand Embroidered Bolster Cushion

Handmade Gratin Dish 8 People - Green

Handmade Gratin Dish 10 People - Green

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The Montes & Clark Collection


Whimsical Coconut Masks

I have been building my collection of Coconut masks since 2014 and it is one of my favourite folk arts. They are known in Spanish as Mascaras de Coco and represent colorful faces, animals, suns, vegetables and flowers.  Made by Nahati artists who live in the Mezcala region of the State of Guerrero, Coconut shell masks have been made in Mexico since the 1950's.  The first masks were based on the Guerrero State traditional masks such as the jaguar and a devils face but you can now pick up a pig, a flower or even a strawberry. Using their traditional craft skills such as wood carving, clay work and painting they cleverly used this waste product to produce these fun and fantastic faces to sell in the markets. 
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