Burgundy, Berry Red, Ox-Blood, Maroon... a palette of berry reds mixed with pinks is an absolute favourite of ours. Rich with pigment, some people find burgundy intimidating, even forceful, but mix it with paler pinks and creams and the colour scheme somehow envelops you, making you feel warm and comforted. On our last photoshoot we loved playing around with these deep, warm tones and mixing them up with brighter pinks and oranges....

Take a look at some of the shots we took...

'Setting Plaster' from Farrow and Ball is probably one of their most well loved colours and you can see why.  Here it settles the Ox Blood lamp into the room. The red in the quilt mixed with the warm creams gently takes this colour through the room, reinforcing the feeling of warmth and comfort.

And as you can see, Emily just loves this combo.  Our Ox-blood ceramic gourd lamp with a Sunset Stripe Retro lampshade in Cream, Orange and Pink.  It's a Winner !!!!!!!

And last but not least, the Damascus Rose Glass.  Against the colour pop of bright pink cutlery, the rich reds and oranges of the table linen, this burgundy glass grounds the colour scheme.  Hand blown in Syria and supporting artisans from a very troubled region of the world, we are so pleased to be able to add 3 colour ways of this glass to our Tabletop Collection.

Burgundy, you're the best !



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