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Ceramic Large Rounded Gourd Lamp - Ox Blood

Ceramic Large Rounded Gourd Lamp - Ox Blood

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A bold ceramic Lamp shaped in a similar way to a curvy 'gourd'. In this Ox Blood Red colour this lamp lends a strong visual pop of colour to a room.

Comes with a gold silk flex with embedded switch and a black plug.

Light bulb fittings | Screw Bulb. 

The ceramic part of the lamp measures 45cm in height and 20cm in diameter at the widest point.  The bulb fittings measure an additional 8cm in height.

We think that this lamp base suits a 35cm, 41cm, 46cm, or 51cm diameter Lamp shade.

Shades in Gallery; 

Photo 1 - Hand Woven Sunset Stripe Retro, 41cm diameter.

Photo 2  - Cream Otomi Retro 41cm diameter.

Photo 3 -  A pair of chequerboard Ikat Drums, 35cm diameter

Photo 4 - Multicoloured Otomi Drum, 41cm diameter.

Photo 5 - Pink Otomi Empire, 46cm diameter.

Photo 6 - Silver Grey Retro, 51cm diameter.

Photo 7 - Multicoloured Otomi Retro 41cm diameter.


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