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Montes & Clark

Patchwork Quilt - Nos.3

Patchwork Quilt - Nos.3

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SIZE |  230cm x 150cm

Using naturally dyed block prints and plain cotton cloths to patchwork and wonderful hand quilting detail, this fantastic quilt will bring a sense of warmth to any home - it is a work of art. 

Traditions are preserved when they flourish...This is the firm belief of the community of hand embroiderers and patch-workers of Kutch, India who are part of a Trust dedicated to the preservation of traditional arts. 

For the artisans of this community, the process of designing and producing is as important as the product. Older women whose eyesight is waning, but still want to earn a living turn their design skills to patchwork made from cotton cloths dyed using natural vegetable dyes and printed in the age-old patterns of local communities. Although the designs may be standard, each woman's hand is unique. Even as an artisan copies, she does so with her own interpretation and her own skills. 

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