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Embroidered Apron Kit - Otomi Garden

Embroidered Apron Kit - Otomi Garden

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This wonderful apron kit will help you find joy in the act of making something by hand.

Using the booklet of Instructions, as well as our online stitch guides, learn how to work the technique of Otomi embroidery and stitch your own beautiful Apron.

KIT CONTENTS - Open up the Box and you will find ;

- A Recycled Cotton 'Soft Green' Coloured Apron with design on.  When the embroidery has been finished the apron can be washed on your normal washing machine setting. 

- A detailed booklet of instructions and tips, including a colour coded drawing of the design and stitches. 

- Embroidery needles.

- 8 Colours of stranded cotton thread.

Our 4 stitch tutorials can be viewed in the gallery below.  There are guides on how to start and finish a thread, as well as how to work the two different stitches used in Otomi embroidery.

Everything you need to work the embroidered apron is in the box, apart from embroidery scissors which you will need.  In the gallery  there is also an image of Otomi embroidery being worked using a ring frame.  We worked the kit without a frame, however if you choose to use one a 4" ring would work well.

REMEMBER - The Design has been drawn on using a heat erasable pen, so only iron the apron when you have completely finished stitching.  

Buying this kit ensures we can continue to purchase embroidery from the women's cooperative in Tenangos, a vital income for their community.

Enjoy stitching - it is meant to be relaxing and can even be therapeutic.




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