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Montes & Clark

Colour block Candlestick - Yellow, Pinks & Black

Colour block Candlestick - Yellow, Pinks & Black

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This wonderful hand made candlestick has been created by artists using a traditional Indian technique of Lacquer Painting. 

SIZE | 21cm Height, 11cm Base Diameter.

We work with a fantastic craft community in Gujarat that strengthens and promotes the rich artistic traditions of the area. Lac Turned wood is practiced using simple tools - a self-made lathe, a string attached to a bow and sticks of coloured Lac.  Lac, has been used in Indian craft for centuries, and as you would expect from the use of such tools, these candlesticks have a hand made quality about them, they are not perfectly painted, which we love.  They are joyous in their colour and form and each one has slight variations in the painting technique.

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